Perfect color combinations for hiding your scars

Tattooing is a big trend nowadays basically in every corner of the world. People know what they want and they are always are looking for only the best tattoo designs . Latest news are revealing that there is a rising trend among the people who think to get a tattoo over their scars and the question that comes after that is can you really make a tattoo over scar tissue? The answer on this question depends much on the type of the scar that you got on your skin and also one of the greatest factors is the condition of the tissue of the scar.
Here you got some facts about getting tattoos over scars, as used to of a large variety of logic:
– Its very preferred to conceal scar marks with a beautiful tattoo with great design, appeasement, colors and placement.
– Tattoo an attractive art on your skin to oppose a incident that hurt you so much
– To help people which suffered a lot in celebrating survival, health and life
– Also helps people to reclaim the body after some illness or a injury.
– It’s a great way to add delicacy to the body after mastectomy operation.
But there are also some limit over tattooing scars:
– Tattoos are not able to change the appearance of the scars
– Tattoos cannot erase the scar marks.
– If you get a tattoo over scratch or scar marks the skin may be not able to hold the actual color the first time and may demand a second tattooing session.
Tattooing scratch marks is also popular and the tattoo artists have a lot of amazing design just for this particular area which hide scratch marks 100% but the whole process demands little or no care at all. After you make a tattoo over scratch mark, it is very preferable to use a great quality preventive creams on this area to prevent any unwanted risks that may happen. It is very important to drink a lot of water and to develop healthy eating routine, mostly because you have tattooed a very delicate are and your body need energy for the healing process to happen. Artist are having a huge collection of designs and color combos available, they are pros on this particular field and they can guide you through the process. The emerging techniques tattooing over scratches and scars can give you a better solution to get rid one for all from these marks on your body.

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Tattoo meanings


Tattoo meanings

Meanings are very unique to everyone who decides to get a tatt, or two, three or a hundred of them. The meaning of a tattoo can vary from the meaning of another tattoo a persona decides to get it at a different time in her life. Tattoo meanings can mean and express something only the wearer can only know but here are some of them here.

Self Expression

In their core, tattoos are an art form. It doesn’t matter if you are getting tattoo to accenutate your curves or a real fine art tattoo which is amazing , and will take an entire full back, this actions are expressing things about the wearer. Some may relate to the zodiac sign or chinese zodiac others want to express their inner streinght. Others want to represent with some dragons, fairies and other mythical creatures. Some are just using text to express what they want to say on the skin. The possibilities to express yourself through a tattoo are endless because everyone is unique and likes to express in their own way.

Growing up and Healing

We sometimes go through rough moments in out lives, and we feel like god is testing us. For those who believe that faith is a bit shaken. That is the way how we grow and become stronger humans. With all that strength and from that pain, a tattoo could be a great way for you to deal with it. It may help for you to manifest that physically, the inner strength. Your physical pain will be the part of the healing process, will help you to get through the emotional or mental pain.

Life and death

This topic deals with the tattoos which are memorials and celebrations of births. These tattoos are extremely deep, emotional and very personal reasons to get a tattoo. For those who have lost someone that they really loved is a huge pain that will never go away, we mourn for a very long time. For someone getting a tattoo is part of this mourning process, to memorialize the loved ones permanently on themselves. Getting this kind of tattoo doesn’t bring one person back but it surely goes through the emotional pain, in order to creat a piece dedicated to the person they lost can be quite healing to them. Biths on the other hand are extremely happy events, they deal with joy and celebrate the birth of a new life. These tattoo celebrations are great to mark this beginning for new life for them as well as a parent or other relative, there isn’t something better to celebrate that unless with a tattoo.

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Reviving the old tahitian tatau


Tattooing has been a fundamental element of early Tahitian culture. It had been much more|a lot more than simply a body decoration. Tattoo designs might point out a young woman’s sexual maturation, independence from foods tapus as well as other limitations, family history and genealogy and also one’s status inside of community. Everybody within early Tahitian culture had been tattooed. The first French explorer Bougainville spotted that “the females in Tahiti are dyeing their loins as well as their rear deep blue” and also Captain Coo came back from the Pacific shore along with reports from the skill regarding tatau (hence, the foundation of the term tattoo). Right after the actual missionaries appearance the actual process ended up being restricted, since it has been seen like a sinful glorification on the skin. Nowadays, on the other hand, the actual art connected with tattooing has enjoyed some sort of renaissance. Tahitians, along with other Polynesians too, tend to be once more take great pride in and also interest in their own ethnic traditions, discovering their individuality within the resurrection of numerous lost arts–including the standard tatau.
The rebirth of traditional tattoos throughout Tahiti started from 1981 when Tavana, the past citizen of Hawai’i and as well as Waikiki club manager, along with a younger Marquesan dancer known as Teve, visited Philippines to research classic tattoo styles. On the come back journey these people halted in Samoa, because Samoa is the only tropical isle group in Polynesia which kept the actual artwork from the tatau in existence. Plans had been made for a Samoan tattooist to go to Tahiti, exactly where Teve could receive the full-body classic tatau completed in the Marquesan fashion, and Tavana will be tattooed using Tahitian styles.
Both Teve along with Tavana have been tattooed applying classic Samoan tools methods. Teve’s style has been replicated from one of the very first records associated with Marquesan tattooing, a good example in the periodicals of Krusenstern, a Captain on the 1st Russian expedition around the globe throughout 1803-5. Tavana’s tats have been influenced by the descriptions as well as drawings involving Tahitian tattooing documented from theearly observers. Via Tavana’s initiatives in getting the actual Samoan tattooist in Tahiti, the original tattoo had seemed to be reintroduced in Tahitian lifestyle. Throughout 1982 on the yearly Baistille Day time festivals in Tahiti, 3 Samoans exhibited classic tattooing. Obtaining viewed the actual Samoan technique, a number of Tahitian artists were able to create instruments and as well as to restore the actual Tahitian way of art.

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